Welcome to flight 113

Posted by Unknown on 1/06/2013 02:44:00 PM in

Good afternoon ladies & gentleman, & welcome to transcontinental congressional airlines flight 113.  We have mixed & variable weather for our flight today, with both blue & red skies ahead.  We will be limping along at just a few feet above sea level, keeping our ears close to the ground.

You'll get to see many sights on our journey... The looming fiscal cliffs, valleys of despair, looming climate change (no, it's not a myth, your science steward will assist you in spotting it).  Behind you, you will see, stretching over the plains of history, the most amazing rainbow.  It is composed of your constituents, who are red & blue, but also ebony, ivory, mahogany & jasper, & pink, yellow, purple, green.  It is made up, in fact, of every color, creed, value & philosophy you can imagine... The term melting pot has been used to describe this amazing conglomeration... You may have forgotten.  It is comprised of hope & heroism, strength, ambition, energy, ideas & ideals. 

At this point, I would like to remind you, that the privilege of being on this flight is brought to you solely at the forbearance of this varied people, and that we insist that this flight be in no way diverted or delayed.  The seatbelt sign will be taken off, just as soon as the partisan bickering stops, and you all stop posturing in front of the media.  Once you all get to work, we can, in fact, reach cruising altitude.  Until then, do not leave your seats for any reason.

For each mile of your journey, do ask yourself if you are a part of the problem or a part of the solution.  Are you bringing options & solutions to the table?  Or are you bringing only obstacles & demands?  Are you willing to compromise, if needed, even your passions, if in the end it serves the greater good? 

Ladies & gentlemen, are you spending even one moment thinking about your reelection, political future, or media image?  If so, please disembark, now.  There is no shame in resigning, and you will not be needed on this flight.  Feel free to write a book, become a commentator, have a reality TV show, or even start your own business... there are plenty of other flights available. 

This flight is limited in seating, and only has room for thoughtful, intelligent, reasonable leaders, who are looking toward the future, & looking out for the Entire nation, not just the voters that elected them.  We hope that you enjoy a highly productive journey.  See you on the ground.


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